Equipment repair

Repair of fusion splicers, fiber cleavers and optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR).

We repair all models of fusion splicers, fiber cleavers and OTDR's (further referred to as EQUIPMENT) in case of their mechanical damage and incorrect work.

When equipment is delivered, it undergoes examination and troubleshooting (diagnostics of its technical condition) procedures, as well as full external and internal cleaning. The found defects are further discussed with the owner as well as the preliminary task list, estimated cost of the work, list of the required spare parts and turnaround time.

If the owner agrees with the above-mentioned conditions and completion time, the equipment is accepted for the repair.

If the owner disagrees, the equipment is returned, but the owner covers the cost of the preliminary works on its receival (examination and troubleshooting procedures, external and internal cleaning).

The payment for the services is either made as a prepayment, or based on the bill covering both the preliminary works cost and the whole procedure of repairs.

If additional defects, which will increase the cost and terms of repairs, are found during the repairs, the owner is obligatory informed about it.

During the repairs of the equipment that is out of production, the usage of restored or second-hand spare parts, units and modules is acceptable.

The recovered dysfunctional spare parts, units and modules are not returned to the owner of the equipment.

At the end of the repairs, the Act of Work Completion is summarized, listing all the tasks completed and their cost.

The warranty for the fulfilled repairs is 3 months from the repairs completion (it does not cover the consumables, such as electrodes for fusion splicers, blades for fiber cleavers and connectors for reflectometers, etc.)

The delivery of equipment for repair to our service center and back is carried out by any delivery service at the expense of the owner of the equipment.

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