Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance (service) of fusion splicers, fiber cleavers and optical time domain reflectometers.

We are always ready to perform the range of maintenance works of any complexity to service the fusion splicers, fiber cleavers and optical time domain reflectometers (further referred to as EQUIPMENT).

The goal of maintenance:

  • supporting the full functionality of equipment;
  • preventing the possible failures in its functioning;
  • extension of term of its service;
  • change of replaceable consumables.

Technical maintenance (service) might include:

  • external examination of equipment and preliminary check of functionality;
  • full diagnostics of the technical condition;
  • external and internal cleaning of the equipment (dusting and removing of the remnants of fiber, etc);
  • checking features;
  • checking and setting up the fusion modes (for fusion equipment);
  • checking, cleaning and adjustment of optical system (video cameras, reflecting mirrors) (for fusion equipment);
  • checking of the condition of V-grooves and their cleaning (for fusion equipment);
  • testing of the batteries (and their recovery if required);
  • checking, cleaning, oiling and adjustment of fiber cleavers;
  • replacement of the electrodes (for fusion equipment, if required);
  • replacement of the blades (for fiber cleavers, if required);
  • replacement of the optical connectors (for reflectometers, if required).

Recommended terms of maintenance of equipment depends on the intensity of its usage.

For fusion equipment the maintenance is required usually when the supplied electrodes are depleted (depends on the model of the splicer, generally 1500-3000 fusions) and with visible deterioration of the fusion efficiency.

In addition, the maintenance can be carried out on the on demand of the equipment owner.

For optimal quality of fusion, the splicer should undergo the maintenance together with checking and calibration of the fiber cleaver.

The delivery of fusion equipment for the maintenance and back is carried out at the expense of the owner.

The warranty period for technical maintenance (service) of fusion splicers, fiber cleavers and optical time domain reflectometers is 30 calendar days, the warranty does not cover the consumables.

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